At Roatan, Honduras, You Espy Whale Sharks Any Moment, Any Day

whale-shark2A trip to the Honduras is never complete without visiting the coastline of Roatan Island, which is typically renowned as one of the best destination to see the whale shark. If it’s a new and exciting dive destination you seek, check out Roatan, Honduras. The island also known as the whale shark capital of the Caribbean but is also famous for divers who want to swim with the world’s largest living fish in the sea. These wonderful creatures grow to about 12 meters and can weigh up to 20 tons.

Besides the whale sharks, divers and snorkelers also come to enjoy the island’s dazzling natural underwater that hosts a wide variety of sea life. Mention any sea tiny creatures to the largest fish in the world – they are found here.

You must be crazy or a daredevil to travel all the way to swim with the dangerous fish and probably risk your life if not a limb or two. Certainly, these creatures are not true sharks, actually, they are called whale shark because of their enormous size. Additionally, whale sharks feed on plankton or living organisms that can’t swim against the current and therefore not a threat to human.

Moreover, this is also one of the places in the world where the whale shark comes swimming very close to the sea shore the whole year round. There is nothing like high or low season. It’s also believed that the big numbers of whale sharks seen here are because an irregular outpouring current that attracts planktons in big numbers and to the water surface. Unlike other whale species, whale sharks thrive in warm waters with surface temperatures ranging between 20 to 30 degrees centigrade.

Finding the whales in Roatan is very easy, if you are scouting on a boat, you’ll only need to look out for birds circling above and bang! The shark whale is right underneath, probably feeding on blackfin tuna. On calm days, you would be spoilt for choices as there would be dozens of this magnificent creature on this coastline.

Not only do you see the whale sharks but also turtles. For cowry shell lovers, Roatan Island is the place to enrich and restock your cowry shell collections that come in all sizes and shapes. If you are a fishing sports enthusiast, you go fishing, kayaking and sailing, besides diving with the dolphins, and, of course, the whale sharks. Accommodations in this great island are quite varied – you can bunk at the numerous dive shops to five-star luxury hotels located on the beach front.

The Blue Whale – The Worlds Largest Animal


At the turn of the 20th century our vast oceans were a plenty with baleen whales. What has taken place to them? Heaven Whale is the biggest baleen whale and also the most significant living animal to ever breathe on our planet. These animals make appears that traveling hundreds of kilometers yet we could not listen to these noises without special equipment. They additionally eat thousands off kilos of food on a daily basis as well as they live as long as we do.

Scientists and oceanographers are regularly accomplishing research on heaven Whale in trying to help in the survival of this stunning animal which professionals now estimate number less than 10 000 globally. Up up until recently, among the greatest mysteries of the sea was where these Blue Whales are born.

Most of the time Blue Whales swim far off shore just appearing for brief durations typically for just a couple of secs at a time. In late summertime nonetheless a number of these creatures collect to feed. Researchers then have an opportunity to label them. They can after that track them throughout the winter season migration south with satellite tags. With this entry, scientists have actually uncovered that heaven Whales companion as well as give birth in the tropics.

Blue Whales feed throughout the winter when they mate and deliver. They are twice the size of even more frequently recognized whales. Professionals recognize little regarding them. A grown-up women Blue Whale can weigh practically 180 tonnes which is heavier compared to 25 totally expanded elephants. The heart alone is the dimension of a little car as well as evaluates near to 500 kilos. They expand to be as long as three buses.

Blue Whales do not have teeth. When they open their mouths, pleats of skin permit their throat to broaden allowing them absorb krill as well as little crabs. Plankton and krill makes up almost all of the diet regimen of the Blue Whale. The largest pet on the planet feeds upon one of the tiniest. It takes about one metric tonne of krill to fill a Blue Whales stomach and also they could devour three and a half tonnes of these small shrimp-like shellfishes daily.

Relatives of heaven Whale, Humpbacks, usually do not eat during the winter season when they are mating and also calving. Blue Whales, nonetheless, are 3 times larger compared to their loved ones. Blue Whales are so large that they should eat constantly to keep up their effort levels throughout the year. Breeding as well as calving require these giants to use up energy as well as an effective place to supply the gas.

Whale Watching Trip For Vacationers

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These exciting animals have actually traveled thousands of miles so you can see them playing and also feeding. It’s actually the biggest show on earth. So go ahead and also take the journey – they do not stay for long. Humpback whales in Samana are preferred attraction between January and April annually, when hundreds of humpback whales migrate to the Samana region. Boat excursion drivers offer tours deep into the bay to ensure that visitors could witness these impressive creatures in all their glory.

The beaches lack an uncertainty the primary destination and several site visitors pick merely to loosen up as well as does nothing more than indulge in the sunlight and appreciate the crystal clear, tranquil waters. Among the best aspects of having a holiday or retirement community on the beach is taking pleasure in the wild animals that pass by. Humpback whales get to samana, considereded as among the biggest and also most gorgeous bays worldwide, to run away the cold wintertime weather condition. Below these whales undergo their breeding habits developing courtship firms, mating, bring to life their children and nursing them. Whale spectators are dealt with to a splendid sight.

Cheap airplane tickets as well as impressive airline company offers make the Dominican Republic a hotspot for tourists. It is just one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo is the funding of this country as well as it is famous for its beaches as well as differed terrain. Another attraction of the country is that it is located on the very same island, with the 2 nations discussing the island. The whale seeing period differs from place to place, depending upon the migratory pattern of the whales. For example, it provides the most effective glances of the moving humpbacks from December via March. In spring, summer as well as fall, oneymooners that head to the Caribbean could anticipate to locate a tremendous amount of money of tasks. When somebody states the Dominican Republic Whale Seeing, the initial 2 things that will probably come to mind are Caribbean excursions and elegance pageants. This, possibly, is because the Dominican flag is most regularly seen in the Miss Universe pageant and also in Caribbean tour brochures.

Indeed, the Dominican Republic is home to exciting ladies and first-rate traveler destinations, however it has even more to supply, one of which is distinctly fascinating food. In addition to the appeal of the beaches, the islands provide a wealth of views and appears to route your interest away from the coastlines and towards the various other “wonders” waiting to be checked out and also found. The whales are waiting for you. A joyful reward for special occasions is a Dominican food called Sancocho, which is a stew, prepared by blending 7 various type of meat, several tubers, and veggies. Consume with them during Easter, and also you will certainly be delighted to taste their sweet beans called habichelas fool dulce.